19 Circular Walking Routes from Gorliz

19 circular walking routes around Gorliz

…………………………………….…… “NON GOGOA, HAN ZANGOA” …………….…………………………… Donde van tus pensamientos, van tus pasos (Basque proverb)

The steep and winding coastline leading from the sandy beaches of Gorliz and Astondo adds a special attraction to coastal walks with spectacular scenery. If we add the charms of the neighbouring towns, you will find yourself in this privileged area that forms part of what is known as the Uribe Kosta region of Bizkaia.

“Foreword by Juanjo San Sebastian, a veteran of Himalayan climbs”


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discover gastronomy


An unexpected, last-minute plan, enjoying the beach right to the very end of the day or you simply don’t feel like cooking… in Gorliz there are also take-away options. Go to the establishments or place your order by phone. It’s that easy!

Additional information

discover gastronomy


If the Basque Country is renowned for anything, it is for its gastronomy and in Gorliz you will not be disappointed. We have several restaurants suggesting their house specialities, set daily menus, à-la-carte and special menu options, above all at weekends and on public holidays.

Additional information

discover gastronomy


From the centre of the village and beside Plentzia and Gorliz beaches, Gorliz’s bars and taverns are overflowing with a selection of pintxos for us, demonstrating the quality of the mini-gastronomy prepared by Euskadi’s catering industry. The Pintxo-Pote (pintxo+drink) option is always a great plan.

Additional information


Gorliz is set in a marvellous natural enclave surrounded by incredible nature, and whose location will let you explore different places in the Basque Country and then return to rest and enjoy the beach, gastronomy and culture after a long day of tourism.

At 5 km. Stroll along the beach to Plentzia and discover its beautiful estuary, port and picturesque old quarter or climb up the lighthouse to enjoy the views of the steep Basque coastline.

At 25 km. Visit Bilbao, capital of Bizkaia, a modern city where you have to visit the Guggenheim Museum and eat ‘pintxos’ in the old quarter to enjoy one of the most fantastic and typical experiences of our land.

At 27 km. Discover the incredible Game of Thrones scenery! You have to climb 241 steps to reach the 10th century chapel set atop this marvellous isthmus, a protected biotope. The views are worth it!

Don’t forget to visit the Tourist Office to enjoy all the possibilities Gorliz and the entire territory offer.



Distance: 2.6 km, Time: 0:40 hrs, Climb: 38 m., Category: Easily Achievable

Pleasant and easy route along the seafront promenade of the town and the bay of Gorliz. From the youth hostel, we head north until the breakwater. From there, we start our return journey to the starting point.

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The craft micro-brewery Tito Blas Brewing Co. has made its beers one of the pleasures of visiting Gorliz. A visit to the brewery followed by a tasting of its beers, means you’ll never drink a beer in the same way again.

Tito Blas Brewing Co.



A la Carte tastings and pairings, master classes, cookery workshops, creating cocktails, all kinds of customised courses for both groups of friends and companies are just a few of the options foodies can enjoy in Gorliz.

Despierta tus sentidos

discover gastronomy


In Gorliz you’ll find a wide variety of options to enjoy local gastronomy, whether you want to eat in a restaurant or would prefer a meal of ‘pintxos’, the catering establishments have an appetising selection.

If on the other hand you’d rather enjoy a good meal at home or in the open air, choose the ‘take away’ option and organise a picnic in the barbecue area.



Discover the stunning location where Game of Thrones was filmed! You have to climb 241 steps to reach the 10th century chapel set atop this marvellous isthmus, a protected biotope.

Before or after the climb, stop at the view point to enjoy the wonderful bird’s eye views of the island.

   More info



Bilbao, with Guggenheim Museum as a great international symbol, is the gateway to the Basque cultural universe.

Structured around its, the city has become a showroom for great architects, e.g. Norman Foster, Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry and Arata Isozaki among others, whose modern buildings waltz with the historical buildings surrounding the oldest part of the city, i.e. the 7 streets, the very heart of the city.
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The beach is protected by the bay in the shape of a sea shell, and is one of the safest and most spectacular on the Basque coastline.

A place to relax and practise all kinds of water sports, not to mention there’s a pinewoods surrounding it, making it ideal for a lovely barbecue or relaxing in the shade.



Going down by the path next to the lighthouse you will notice the entire slope is perforated by 3 old coastal bunkers connected to each other and installed during the 1940s, but which were never used.

From the last platform you can see the remains of a heavy cannon. It’s worth having a wander round and taking some photos.

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The entire town, summer dwellers and visitors dive head first into the celebrations which include: gastronomic competitions, traditional dances, and concerts to live the festivities 24 hours a day.

The festivities are an excellent opportunity to learn about Basque culture and traditions. No doubt you will find out what a ‘Gau Pasa’ is. And then, why not learn to dance a Jota?

Additional information 



Popularly known as ‘The Little Broken Castle’, this fort was erected in the 18th century chiefly to prevent a possible attack from the English ships in the Gulf of Bizkaia.
Today, only the ruins are left which can be seen on the route to the lighthouse.

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In Astondo you can contemplate a phenomenon with high geological value, i.e. the petrified dunes, which are a large group of wind-blown sands dating back 6,000 years and are unique on the Basque Coast.

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Discover the history of Gorliz through the guided tours organised by the Tourist Office. Learn about its heritage, culture and landscape first hand as you walk through the town and enjoy the nice views from  our impressive natural setting.


Tourist Office



Gorliz`s hospital is located next to the beach. Originally, this was the Marine Sanatorium, which was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century. It was the first building entirely constructed with reinforced concrete in the country. In Astondo, looking at the bay of Gorliz and at the hospital, ypu can find the statue of Dr. Areilza, the promoter of the Sanatorium.

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In the Andra Mari neighbourhood, on a fantastic spot surrounded by meadows, from where we can see the bay of Gorliz and mouth of the River Butron, we come across the chapel of Nuestra Señora de Agirre y de las Nieves, the first monastic church of the ancestral country house of the Butron lineage. A Sanctuary-Chapel dating back to the 11th century.

The church of the Immaculate Conception is in the Elexalde area. Although it was built between the 10th and beginnings of the 11th century, it was rebuilt in the 18th century according to the direction of the architect Martín de Uribeondo. An interpretation panel can be found next to the church.

Andra Mari   More info

Iglesia de Santa Maria de la Purísima Concepción   More info



Gorliz’s lighthouse is the town’s flagship. It was built on the cliffs, at 165 metres above sea level, in 1990. This 21 metre tower finished with a glass lantern is the tallest lighthouse in the Cantabrian region.

A path leads you to the lighthouse from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the sea.

  More info

tourist office

The Tourist Office offers guided tours taking you through the history of Gorliz while enjoying the natural environment and gorgeous views.

You must book at least seven days in advance. Public holidays and weekends are unavailable. Guided tours are available for people with hearing difficulties upon request.

Groups: Min. 6 pax. – Max. 15 pax.

Approx. Duration: 1 hour.

Cost of visit: €1.75/person.


organise your trip

You can find some artisanal objects, small gifts and souvenirs in the following stores.

Euskal Foto                  946 774 296      Itsasbide nº 7
Librería Echevarria    946 771 434       Itsasbide nº 28
Oficina de Turismo     946 774 348      Eloisa Artaza nº 1

organise your trip

Gorliz has a wide variety of retail outlets.

Regardless of whether you are just visiting or spending the summer in Gorliz you can take advantage of the different local retailers and services in town to find everything you need during your stay. Do not look any further!

Access the list of Gorliz retailers and services 

The House of Culture holds different activities of interest for the summer visitor to Gorliz. Come discover the programme and join in the town’s cultural activity.

You won’t be lacking a good book, music, dance or meetings to satisfy all your interests.

how to arrive

Bilbao Airport is 12 km from the capital of Bizkaia and 19 km from Gorliz, located in the municipality of Loiu where the regional road BI-2120 is taken to Gorliz.

Other airports:

Santander at 109 km

Hondarribia at 135 km

Loiu Airport contact information: 902 404 704

Bilbao Airport

organise your trip

Gorliz is set in a natural enclave surrounded by a great wealth of autochthonous trees. There is a campsite and hostel in the town itself, although there are other kinds of accommodation nearby in the Uribe area, such as hotels, rural accommodation and apartments for all tastes and budgets.

Where to stay

organise your trip

Gorliz has a vast gastronomic offer ranging from traditional cuisine to the most casual of ‘pintxos’ in bars and restaurants all year round.

You’ll find out what ‘On egin!’ means!



Take  away

how to arrive

By car

From Bilbao: Dual carriageway to Getxo and then local road BI-634, or dual carriageway to Mungia and road BI-2120.

From Bakio: Access via BI-3151.

Northern Car Park

Southern Car Park

Taxi:  670 417 86094 491 53 53

Taxi Stop

By Bus

The town has 4 bus lines. The A3499 line connects the town to the metro to Bilbao every 20 minutes, and every other hour it goes from Lemoiz to Getxo.

Bus routes 

A3499 Plentzia – Gorliz

A3451 Areeta-Armintza

A3537 Plentzia-Mungia

A2166 Uribe Kosta – UPV/EHV

Additonal bus service information at Bizkaibus.


The closest metro station to Gorliz is Plentzia. There are regular trains Mondays Through Fridays every 20 minutes aproximately. There are trains back and forth Etxebarri daily every 20 minutes approximately as well.

Additional subway information at Metro Bilbao.

In addition, a bus line communicates the village with the Metro station every 20 minutes, coinciding with the arrivals/departures of the Metro.

Sports installations:

2 tennis courts (no bookings accepted)

2 paddle tennis courts.


Paseo Urezarantza, 9G
946 774 000


All kinds of information related to municipal services offered to inhabitants and visitors is available at the town hall.





Visit this town just 27 km from Gorliz to see one of the most unique edifications worldwide, namely Bizkaia Bridge. An iron construction built by a Bizkaian engineer, a disciple of Eiffel, which joins both banks of the Nervión estuary. If you don’t suffer from vertigo, cross the panoramic footpath 50 metres up or simply on board the gondola that ‘floats’ over the river.
From the ‘hanging bridge’, a stroll along the beach bordered by magnificent mansions belonging to some of the most important Bizkaian entrepreneurs brings us to the marina to finish in an old fishermen’s quarter which today houses numerous bars and restaurants
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Gernika is the symbol of Basque democracy. In 1937 the Nazi bombers in connivance with the guidelines of the coup conspirator General Franco bombarded the town of Gernika to rehearse the bombings they would perform during WWII, a tragedy reflected in Picasso’s Gernika.

Don’t forget to visit the Museum of Peace to learn about our history.


  More info

Gorliz is much more than a beach in a privileged setting. Gorliz is adventure,history, “fiestas” and gastronomy. A seaside village that offers a wide array of activities that can be enjoyed all year round, naturally.

Please download our brochures:

tourist office

The tourist office is the perfect place to plan your visit to Gorliz.

Among its services the office offers:

Tourist information about Gorliz and Euskadi – Basque Country

“Viajeteca” (maps of some destinations) service

Guided tours

Free walking sticks of Nordic Walking

Sale of souvenirs

Receiving complaints and suggestions

The office has a magnetic loop.


                           Sello Accesibilidad turística Euskadi Oficina de Turismo e Gorliz


Office certified with the UNE-ISO 14785 Tourist Quality standard



Eloisa Artaza 1




Preventive measures for tourists and informants

· Capacity control. Access limitations.
· Protection panel on the counter.
· Clearly marked spaces to keep the safety distance between users
· In an informant, you will not be able to attend several people simultaneously
· Emergency numbers and nearby hospitals or health centers are available
· Disinfectant mat is available at the Tourist Office
· Use of gloves and masks
Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser
· Signage in a visible area with the hygiene procedures published by the health authorities.
· Suppression of the self-service area. . You can download the brochures using QR or you can request them at the counter.

Protective measures for workers

· Safety distance between workers
· At the beginning and at the end of the working day, each informant will disinfect the work tools used (PC, keyboard, telephones …)
· The informant will ventilate the workspace daily
· The informant is informed that he must wash work clothes with a temperature of> 60º
· All the personnel must know the procedure of action during their working day and be trained in the correct use of the protection measures, whether collective or individual.
· 70º alcohol for disinfection during the working day of surfaces and objects.
· Avoid sharing work areas (computer equipment and telephones).
· Shared items such as copiers, scanners, tablets – will be disinfected with alcohol after use.
· If you are working shifts, leave the workplace collected and keyboard and telephone disinfected.
· Cleaning company: reinforce the disinfection of the contact areas and floors.
· Spray the rest of the spaces with a disinfecting solution.



Provided with a cycle track, this gorgeous promenade offers stunning views of the natural bay and several green areas and leisure facilities with tables,  benches, stone barbecues, children playgrounds…

All you need to experience an unforgetable day at sea.




The traditional Joaldunak, typical Navarrese characters with their large cowbells on their backs to wake nature up and ward off evil spirits.



The entire town goes into the street to enjoy the different Basque dances, danced to the music of traditional instruments like the ‘txistu’ and ‘tamboril’ in a display of dances and music parades with a festive atmosphere always finished off with a good ‘pintxo’ and wine



One of the most lively moments of summer. The competition of cod which is carefully cooked in the open air is very popular as are the rural and artisanal fairs.

Fiestas Andra Mari Gorliz. Euskal dantzak


Like every big festival it starts with the txupinazo, a rocket that announces the beginning of a festival that lasts three or four days. We will see traditional Basque dances and traditional Basque sport exhibitions such as stone lifting or trunk cutting. There is also a traditional paella competition which is very popular in the village. And in the evening, live music is played by local and regional bands, to end the day in the best way.

Fiestas de Urezarantza. Sukalki


It takes place in the third week-end of August. In this festival children and adults have fun together with games and gastronomic competitions; omelette competition and the traditional “Sukalki” competition, a typical Basque beef stew that everybody here loves.

concurso de caracoles gorliz


Once again, a gastronomic competition is the big attraction of this festival. This time, snails with “bizkaina” sauce are cooked, a typical meal which is very common in this season. There is also a Christmas market, games and music that make this festival unforgettable.

Hospital Gorliz

Gorliz Hospital is a sub-acute hospital (mid-long stay) from the public health network Osakidetza. It takes care of people from all Bizkaia

Urezarantza ibiltokia, 1, 48630 Gorliz, Vizcaya

944 00 66 00



Urduliz ospitalea

It is the reference hospital for Gorliz residents.


Goieta Kalea, 16, 48610 Urduliz, Bizkaia

946 13 48 00




Book, video etc. loan in paper and digital format.

Winter: monday – friday from 9:00 to 13:30 & from 16:30 to 20:00

Summer:monday – friday from 9:00 to 13:30 & from 17:00 to 19:30

Throughout the year: saturdays: from 10:00 to 13.30

Krutzeta Kalea, 5A, 48630 Gorliz, Bizkaia

946 77 40 00


Teresa Ansoleaga Farmazia

From Monday to Saturday: 9:00-22:00


Itsasbide Kalea, 5, 48630 Gorliz, Bizkaia

94 677 54 52


From Monday to Friday: 9:00- 13:45 y 16:00- 20:15

Saturday: 9:00-13:45

Itsasbide 30 bajo, 48630 Górliz, Vizcaya

946 12 89 41

Ondargane playground>>


Pinewood playground>>


Skate Park >>


Argiñena playground >>


Kinpulena playground >>


San José playground >>


Gandia playground >>


Urezarantza playground >>

Bakio playa


Bakio is halfway between Gorliz and Bermeo. Famous for its red Txakoli, this coastal municipality experienced a tremendous real-estate boom in 1970.

      More info

Puerto Bermeo


It was the most important fishing village in the Basque Coast of Biscay and it was created in 1236. This village was surrounded by walls in the 14th century, but only the portal San Joan remains.


    More info

Sopela hondartza


Sopela stands out for its cliffs and beautiful beaches and it is also known as Sopelana, its former official name. It is one of the few coastal towns in Biscay that does not have a port. It is a well known town among surfers.

    Más información

Video Guide


Gorliz’s beach is 842 meters long and is an ideal beach for families since its shell shape protects it from waves and currents.

Do you want to see it and get more information?

Watch the video!

Video Guide


The Gorliz lighthouse is located at the highest point of Cape Billao, in the middle of nature. Approximately at 165m above sea level.

Do you want to see its spectacular location?

Watch the video!

Gorliz is located in the tourist region of Uribe. One step from Gorliz, you can enjoy a lot of new experiences. You can download the brochures of the region here.




Distance: 6,4 km, Time: 1:40 hrs, Climb: 118 m, Category: Attainable

Discover the old town of Gorliz with this circular route and get close to the Immaculate Conception church Elexalde area. This temple was built between the 10th and the beginning of the 11th century and later rebuilt in the 18th century under the direction of the architect Martín de Uribeondo. Here, they discovered an archaeological site that proved to be the first documented settlement from the high Middle Ages Bizkaia (8-9th centuries). Furthermore, the route let us discover  “Andra Mari de Agirre y de Las Nieves” hermitage. Located in Andra Mari’s area, this chapel from the 11th century is the first monasterial church of Butrón solar house.

More info



Walk with a gentle effective gait using two special sticks and enjoy a pleasant exercise.

Nordic Walking involves moving your legs and upper body in a gentle movement to improve muscle strength, cardiovascular system, co-ordination and mobility.

Pick up your free sticks at the Gorliz Tourist Office and enjoy 5 routes in the area.

NW Routes in Gorliz
Download our brochures
Others NW Centers in Gorliz




Distance: 6.1 km, Time: 1:40 hrs, Climb: 287 m., Category: Demanding 

This interesting and easy route explores the different areas between Astondo and Cape Billano. On this route you will discover Gorliz Lighthouse, located 165 metres above sea level.  You can observe the beautiful Billao Island from the observatory at the base of the lighthouse. The lighthouse was inaugurated in 1990 and, therefore, it is one of the most modern lighthouses in the Iberian Peninsula. It is 21 metres high and the system is completely automatic. Its beam travels 29 miles into the Bay of Biscay.

More info



Distance: 3.3 km, Time: 0:55 hrs, Climb: 200 m., Category: Demanding

This route is somewhat more demanding as it combines easy paved paths and uneven terrains. The route starts in the stairs next to the information panel of the dunes and then goes upwards along the coast to descend towards the ruins of the Askorriaga. The fort of Askorriaga was built in the 18th century and is popularly known as ‘The Little Broken Castle’. From here, the path continues up to a short steep hill until Larragan and then returns downhill on a comfortable paved pathy until the final point.

More info



Distance: 6.2 km, Time: 1:45 hrs, Climb: 291 m., Category: Very demanding

Get to know the interior and summit of mount Ermua with this interesting Nordic Walking route. This beautiful route begins next to the information panel.  After walking a few meters through the urban area, the path soon leads us to the Untxueta hills. The ascent continues until the end of Fao where you will take a sharp turn towards the Ermua summit . There you will be able to enjoy extraordinary views of the Cantabrian Sea. The descent, pronounced in the first meters, continues to Faoaurre’s to finish in the of Urezarantza’s neighbourhood.  The last meters of the route are quite flat through the quiet neighbourhood of Artatza.

More info




Donde van tus pensamientos, van tus pasos (Basque proverb) . Where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are a number of possibilities throughout the town of Gorliz for hiking through unique spots, some of which are steeped in history, with charming landscapes that will delight hikers. Here you will find 19 circular routes in Gorliz published by Pedro Pablo Uriarte Astarloa.

19 Circular Walking Routes 



Access magical places below the cliffs next to the beach.

With the guidance the instructions of our expert guides, you will go all along the spectacular coastline while you play with the waves, jump into the water, swim, snorkel and climb over the rocks. An activity for all levels and conditions,that will give you the chance to discover the magnitude of our cliffs from a superb point of view.

Taupada Abentura



Using canoes or Big Sup boards we will paddle to the Smugglers’ Cove, a magical place surrounded by cliffs where we can snorkel in crystalline waters to observe the seabed and different species of the Cantabrian Sea.

The hues of the water will transport us to paradise destinations right next to our base in Gorliz. Once we’ve finished snorkelling, we’ll paddle back to base by canoe or the Big Sup.

Taupada Abentura



With a kayak and/or Big Sup board we will paddle along the mysterious route that elvers do after their sea jorney. We will travel along RIver Butron as the monitors show us all the best spots.

A great experience to connect with the nature, suitable for everyone over the age of 13, where tides will help us navigate and fully enjoy local flora and fauna . River Butron finally flows into Gorliz beach where its waters meet the sea.

Taupada Abentura



Enjoy your first surf experience and feel an special connection with the acuatic environment. This activity is suitable for all ages

With the support of an experience team you will have plenty of fun, Gorliz Beach is perfect for that first experience.

Bigui Surf

Taupada Abentura

Uribe Kosta Surf eskola

Cabo Billano

Aloka Surf





Put the coordination and balance of your team to the test.

On a giant board (up to 10 people) and travelling with the aid of paddles, you will be able discover magical places in a different funny way.

And of course, there will be the odd dip or two.

Troka Abentura



SUP, also known as paddleboarding or paddle surf, is a water sport that is on everyone’s lips. It consists on standing up on a board and sailing through the sea or river helped by a paddle. You can both sail under the guidance of an expert instructor o by yourself. This activity will make you work all the muscles in your body while having fun and relaxing yourself.

Bigui Surf

Uribe Kosta Surf eskola

Cabo Billano

Aloka Surf




Besides, in the summer season a water park is installed in Astondo. This inflatable playground that floats in the water will make summer days even more fun. It is suitable for adults and children.

Come and splash!

New Diversion Park



Slide over the surface or wall of a wave on a board.

There are 3 ways to catch waves on a boogie board: prone, drop knee and stand-up. Choose yours or practise them all to become a real pro.

Taupada Abentura

Cabo Billano



Learn to paddle in a canoe or kayak and practice at the spectacular Gorliz Beach or River Butrón.

You willl paddle through amazing enclaves where you you will get the chance to see different landscapes from a privileged view. Our expert tour guides will guide you along the route while sharing all their knowledge about the environment so that you can enjoy a peaceful sail.

Taupada Abentura

Cabo Billano



Pick up these challenges to test your skills with your family or friends.

Strategy and communication are essential to overcome a series of tests where skills, ingenuity, ability and cooperation will be essential for your team to win…

You can choose between different types of Gymkhanas: Challenges, Baserri (village games, rural sports), Konkis, iPAD

… but even if you lose, entertainment is guaranteed.

Troka Abentura



Discover the hidden seabed in the Cantabrian Sea with a pair of goggles and a snorkel.

Submerge yourself in the Smugglers’ Cove after a canoe journey and dive into the safe waters of this protected environment. Enjoy your sea adventure, and who knows you might come across some treasure!

Taupada Abentura



Discover nature in a different manner while acquiring highly useful skills for any adventurer.

Who can read a map and use a compass correctly? Knowing how to use different orienteering tools together with good communication skill is essential to achieve the objetive of completing the route marked on the map in the shortest time possible.

Troka Abentura



Near the beach you’ll find the Cantabrian Pinewoods where you can spend a pleasant day using its amenities and barbecue sites.

At the entrance to this place of relaxation there is a recreation area with swings for the little ones to have fun while their parents enjoy the sea breeze.

Discover all the playgrounds in Gorliz

flysch Gorliz


Following the route of the E9 – European Coastal Path, which coincides in Bizkaia with the coastal stretch of the GR 123 – Tour of Bizkaia path, we can get up close to many of Uribe’s geological treasures

  More info



Route 19: Long circular route from Gorliz, going up Ermua and Urizarmendi, Andraka, Butron Castle, Urduliz, Barrika cliffs, San Telmo, Plentzia and back to Gorliz.

Route 19 Route published by Pedro Pablo Uriarte ”19 circular walking routes around Gorliz” *Map of the route: Pending* DETAILS OF THE ROUTE: Total time: 7 hours 30 min. Distance: 34 km Cumulative elevation gain: 900 m Difficulty: High   This is without doubt the longest circular route in this guide. It is well over … Continued

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Route 19: Long circular route from Gorliz, going up Ermua and Urizarmendi, Andraka, Butron Castle, Urduliz, Barrika cliffs, San Telmo, Plentzia and back to Gorliz. Copy

Route 19 Route published by Pedro Pablo Uriarte ”19 circular walking routes around Gorliz” *Map of the route: Pending* DETAILS OF THE ROUTE: Total time: 7 hours 30 min. Distance: 34 km Cumulative elevation gain: 900 m Difficulty: High   This is without doubt the longest circular route in this guide. It is well over … Continued

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Copy Copy Route 19: Long circular route from Gorliz, going up Ermua and Urizarmendi, Andraka, Butron Castle, Urduliz, Barrika cliffs, San Telmo, Plentzia and back to Gorliz. Copy Copy

Route 19 Route published by Pedro Pablo Uriarte ”19 circular walking routes around Gorliz” *Map of the route: Pending* DETAILS OF THE ROUTE: Total time: 7 hours 30 min. Distance: 34 km Cumulative elevation gain: 900 m Difficulty: High   This is without doubt the longest circular route in this guide. It is well over … Continued

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Route 18: Route round the outskirts of Gorliz

Route 18 Route published by Pedro Pablo Uriarte ”19 circular walking routes around Gorliz” See the route map on Wikiloc DETAILS OF THE ROUTE: Total time: 3 hours 45 min. Distance: 18.35 km Cumulative elevation gain: 543 m Difficulty: Medium, due to the distance     Before starting this route, we should point out that, … Continued

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