Children’s Route 3: A round trip to Urizar and Armintza and return via Ermua and Urezarantz

Children’s Route 3:

Route published by Pedro Pablo Uriarte “15 circular routes from Gorliz for families with children”


Duration: 2 hours 49 min
Distance: 12,89 km
Cumulative elevation gain :  400m
Difficulty: Easy

Today three of us are going to the mountain: my daughter Ameth, my eldest granddaughter Nahiah, seven years old, and I. My daughter certainly will, but I doubt if the girl will endure the whole route, as it is relatively long and very similar to “Ruta 11 Gorliz”. The difference is that in this case we detour before Ermua and, through Fanobidea, we go down the cement track called Txoznako Estrata to Urezarantza and the sports centre, to return to the centre of Gorliz.

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If there is one thing we can boast of in Gorliz, it is to have a wonderful nature around us. That is why we have many routes where you can enjoy the sport and the landscapes that surround us. Although we already know that the most well-known routes are signposted, there are other routes that … Continued

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Archaeological remains from the early medieval period

Next to the church of the Immaculate Conception, during the remodelling of the car park in 2008, archaeological remains from the early medieval period were found, which are of great interest in Bizkaia. For this reason, an archaeological intervention was carried out, which documented the uninterrupted occupation from the 7th to the 18th century. ¿What … Continued

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Larraganena’s Stele

In the Larraganena farmhouse, located in the centre of Gorliz, a discoid funerary stele was found which has never been found before. The stele was half-buried in the garden of the property, and had been considered by the neighbours to be an ancient sundi. Material and state of preservation The material in which it was … Continued

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Children’s Route 15: A peri-urban walk through Gorliz for the whole family or swings route

Children’s Route 15 Route published by Pedro Pablo Uriarte “15 circular routes from Gorliz for families with children” View map of the route on Wikiloc FILE OF THE ROUTE Duration : 3 horas 16 minDistance: 7,49 kmCumulative elevation gain:  123 mDifficulty:  Easy This route, in fact a walk, is nothing more than a round of several peripheral … Continued

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