What is a cookie? A cookie is a text file that a Web server may save on the hard disk of a user, in order to identify them the next time they go online. Cookies make navigation easier and offer numerous advantages. For example, in order to manage the user’s session or to adapt the contents of the website to the preferences of the user. Cookies can be temporary or permanent. Temporary cookies are deleted when the user leaves the site, while permanent cookies are installed on the computer until a specific date. What kind of cookies does this website use?
This Web Site uses different types of cookies for a variety of purposes. Technical cookies make it possible to surf the Web and use its contents, e.g. identifying the session, remembering an order, making a purchase, making a registration, using security elements, etc.Personalization cookies make it possible to customize the Web page to the preferences of the user, e.g. language, browser type, etc. Analysis cookies make it possible to measure the statistical behaviour of a website and adapt it to the preferences of the users. Advertising cookies make it possible to manage the publicity on a website. Cookies used in this site are:

Disabling cookies: The User may, at any time, choose which cookies they wish to allow on this web site through their browser’s settings; for example:

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