By Land

By car

From Bilbao: Dual carriageway to Getxo and then local road BI-634, or dual carriageway to Mungia and road BI-2120.

From Bakio: Access via BI-3151.

Northern Car Park

Southern Car Park

Taxi:  670 417 860 / 94 491 53 53

Taxi Stop

By Bus

The town has 4 bus lines. The A3499 line connects the town to the metro to Bilbao every 20 minutes, and every other hour it goes from Lemoiz to Getxo.

Bus routes 

A3499 Plentzia – Gorliz

A3451 Areeta-Armintza

A3537 Plentzia-Mungia

A2166 Uribe Kosta – UPV/EHV

Additonal bus service information at Bizkaibus.


The closest metro station to Gorliz is Plentzia. There are regular trains Mondays Through Fridays every 20 minutes aproximately. There are trains back and forth Etxebarri daily every 20 minutes approximately as well.

Additional subway information at Metro Bilbao.

In addition, a bus line communicates the village with the Metro station every 20 minutes, coinciding with the arrivals/departures of the Metro.

By Sea

Gorliz bay is a haven of calm waters where you can enjoy magnificent views and swims from your vessel.

It’s also an ideal place to go canoeing and kayaking besides doing other kinds of aquatic sports.

By Air

Bilbao Airport is 12 km from the capital of Bizkaia and 19 km from Gorliz, located in the municipality of Loiu where the regional road BI-2120 is taken to Gorliz.

Other airports:

Santander at 109 km

Hondarribia at 135 km

Loiu Airport contact information902 404 704

Bilbao Airport


The service for the control, delimitation and management of vehicle parking on public roads in Gorliz will come into operation from 1 June until 30 September.

More information

The weather in Gorliz



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