Gorliz enjoys a microclimate, being the sunniest town in Bizkaia. With approximately 842 meters of extension, the beach of Gorliz is one of the most extensive beaches of Bizkaia. It also has the advantage of being protected by the bay in the shape of a shell that makes this beach one of the safest and most spectacular of the Basque coast.

On this beach you will find a wide range of water sports and, being so close to the centre of Gorliz, you will be able to go up to visit it and have a drink in its pleasant bars or shops.


Gorliz is an active tourist destination with a wide variety of sporting activities offered in a natural coastal environment, with marvellous cliffs, a beach and nature.

Age isn’t an excuse, there is fun for all!  Combine your experience with our cultural and gastronomic offer and treat yourself to a lovely sunset.


The entire town, summer dwellers and visitors dive head first into the celebrations which include: gastronomic competitions, traditional dances, and concerts to live the festivities 24 hours a day.

The festivities are an excellent opportunity to learn about Basque culture and traditions. No doubt you will find out what a ‘Gau Pasa’ is. And then, why not learn to dance a Jota?


Gorliz has a vast gastronomic offer ranging from traditional cuisine to the most casual of pintxos in bars and restaurants. You will find out what ‘On egin!’ means.

The gastronomic festivals and festivities held throughout the year are ideal for tasting local craft beers or a good txakoli while enjoying the atmosphere.


Gorliz’s personality is clearly defined by its proximity to the sea. The bay used to have two defense forts, erected in the 18th centuries. The remains of the latter, Askorriaga Fort, have survived to present day.

The Sanatorium and religious buildings complete its historical heritage.  Thanks to its favourable climate the Marine Sanatorium of Gorliz was built at the beginning of the 20th century, likewise summer residences, thus turning it into a municipality with a tourist vocation.


You can find great monuments, nature and unique experiences around Gorliz.

Delve into Basque heritage and traditions from Gorliz. There is much more to be seen and felt within a stone’s throw.

The weather in Gorliz



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