Plans with untirable children

Entertainment is guaranteed from dawn to dusk. Gorliz is an unbeatable place to spend summer with the family.

Splash!!!  Enjoy one of the safest and most incredible beaches on the Basque coast, go for a bike ride and cook up a delicious barbecue in the pinewoods.

Relaaaax. After a day full of action, there’s nothing like enjoying a snack or a good meal at one of the town’s bars or restaurants.

Gorliz gets the most hours of sunlight in Bizkaia. Spin out your summer to come and enjoy aquatic activities like coasteering, big sup, canoe or simply go on a hiking route in any season of the year.

Plans to give your best with friends

Get the engine running, and speed up the adrenaline with an action filled day.

Get wet! Bodyboard, surf, canoes and kayaks to spend a day in ‘the cool’.

Explore! Become a smuggler, go snorkelling and discover the underwater wine cellar.

Fly! Climbing, zip-line, fly board, etc. You’re advised not to look down.

Come! Hiking, karts with pedals, skateboard and active tourism experiences. Endless activities to put your sporting spirit and stamina to the test.

Plans for an action filled day

A different kind of excursion for your mood or whatever takes your fancy.

This is easy-peasy! A stroll on the same level along the entire bay of Gorliz until you reach the statue of Dr Areilza, driving force behind the sanatorium that can be spotted along the way, with a break for a snack while drinking in the views.

Eup!!! Route to the highest lighthouse in the Cantabrian region to contemplate the steep Basque coastline and discover the coastal anti-aircraft posts and bunkers dating back to the 1940s.

Gorliz is a Nordic Walking Centre with 5 routes mapped out for you to enjoy this sport. Pick up your sticks at the Tourist Office and start walking.

Plans for your first time visit to Gorliz

Gorliz is set in a marvellous natural enclave surrounded by incredible nature, and whose location will let you explore different places in the Basque Country and then return to rest and enjoy the beach, gastronomy and culture after a long day of tourism.

At 5 km. Stroll along the beach to Plentzia and discover its beautiful estuary, port and picturesque old quarter or climb up the lighthouse to enjoy the views of the steep Basque coastline.

At 25 km. Visit Bilbao, capital of Bizkaia, a modern city where you have to visit the Guggenheim Museum and eat ‘pintxos’ in the old quarter to enjoy one of the most fantastic and typical experiences of our land.

At 27 km. Discover the incredible Game of Thrones scenery! You have to climb 241 steps to reach the 10th century chapel set atop this marvellous isthmus, a protected biotope. The views are worth it!

Don’t forget to visit the Tourist Office to enjoy all the possibilities Gorliz and the entire territory offer.



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