Visit this town only 17 km away from Gorliz to see one of the most unique buildings in the world, the Vizcaya Bridge. The construction was designed by Alberto Palacio disciple of Eiffel. It is built of iron and unites the left and right bank of the river Nervion. If you are not afraid of heights, cross the panoramic pedestrian walkway 50 meters above the river. Otherwaise, cross it on the shuttle that “floats” over the river.

What to see in Getxo

Getxo is a coastal town with about 80.000 inhabitants.

The area closest to Gorliz, is the area of la Galea, where the cliffs are located. Taking the walking route following the cliffs you can see the mill of Aixerrota, the lighthouse of La Galea and Gorrondatxe or Aizkorri beach, among others.

Once the cliffs end, you will arrive to Arrigunaga beach and after that to the old fishing port on Ereaga beach. Here, you can see the old fishermans cottages typicall of the Basque Coast with their traditionally white facades. The balconies and window frames are painted red, green or bright blue. This group of houses form a neighborhood of narrow streets that are very common in fishing villages.

After Ereaga beach, there is the marina and in the path towards the Vizcaya Bridge you will walk by the street of the great villas. It is a walk along the sea where you can stroll and see villas and mansions built between the 19th and 20th centuries. At this time the purchase power of Getxo inhabitants was very high, hence these constructions.

At the other end of Getxo is the steel and iron suspension bridge built in 1893, better known as Vizcaya Bridge. This bridge connects Getxo and Portugalete.

Distance: 20 km / 27 minutes by car (Bizkaia’s Bridge)

*Information provided by the tourism office of Getxo

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