Sopela stands out for its cliffs and beautiful beaches and it is also known as Sopelana, its former official name. It is one of the few coastal towns in Biscay that does not have a port. It is a well known town among surfers.

What to see in Sopela

In Sopela one can visualize how the houses in the area used to be in the past thanks to a number of traditional basque farmhouses that have been preserved. Also are important the hermitage of San Andrés, built between 12th and 13th centuries, and the church of San Pedro. The later was built in the 16th century in the Renaissance style, Its tower however is baroque.

In Sopela, the most touristic and attractive spot is the beach. In fact, Sopela has 3 beaches and a small cove. All of them are very suitable for surfing given the strong waves in this part of the coast. Moreove, in Bizkaia Sopelana and surfing are two terms that go hand in hand.

An interesting and widely unknown fact about Atxabiribil beach is that the K / T limit is clearly visible on its cliffs. This limit, Tertiary Cretaceous, is very easy to distinguish since it is between a group of purple stone layers and another of more pinkish rocks. It has an approximate thickness of 10 centimeters and is a grayish color. The limit marks the period in which there was a mass extinction of marine species. It also has a different composition that coincides in time with a meteorite that impacted Yucatan and is believed to have caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

Distance: 9 km / 13 minutes by car

*Photographs provided by the Sopela Tourist Office.

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