Nordic walking routes

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking involves moving your legs and upper body in a gentle movement to improve muscle strength, cardiovascular system, co-ordination and mobility.

Walk with a gentle effective gait using two special sticks and enjoy a pleasant exercise.

Pick up your free sticks at the Gorliz Tourist Office and enjoy 5 routes in the area.


Distance: 2.6 km, Time: 0:40 hrs, Climb: 38 m., Category: Easily Achievable

Pleasant and easy route along the seafront promenade of the town and the bay of Gorliz. From the youth hostel, we head north until the breakwater. From there, we start our return journey to the starting point.

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Distance: 6,4 km, Time: 1:40 hrs, Climb: 118 m, Category: Attainable

Discover the old town of Gorliz with this circular route and get close to the Immaculate Conception church Elexalde area. This temple was built between the 10th and the beginning of the 11th century and later rebuilt in the 18th century under the direction of the architect Martín de Uribeondo. Here, they discovered an archaeological site that proved to be the first documented settlement from the high Middle Ages Bizkaia (8-9th centuries). Furthermore, the route let us discover  “Andra Mari de Agirre y de Las Nieves” hermitage. Located in Andra Mari’s area, this chapel from the 11th century is the first monasterial church of Butrón solar house.

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Distance: 6.1 km, Time: 1:40 hrs, Climb: 287 m., Category: Demanding 

This interesting and easy route explores the different areas between Astondo and Cape Billano. On this route you will discover Gorliz Lighthouse, located 165 metres above sea level.  You can observe the beautiful Billao Island from the observatory at the base of the lighthouse. The lighthouse was inaugurated in 1990 and, therefore, it is one of the most modern lighthouses in the Iberian Peninsula. It is 21 metres high and the system is completely automatic. Its beam travels 29 miles into the Bay of Biscay.

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Distance: 3.3 km, Time: 0:55 hrs, Climb: 200 m., Category: Demanding

This route is somewhat more demanding as it combines easy paved paths and uneven terrains. The route starts in the stairs next to the information panel of the dunes and then goes upwards along the coast to descend towards the ruins of the Askorriaga. The fort of Askorriaga was built in the 18th century and is popularly known as ‘The Little Broken Castle’. From here, the path continues up to a short steep hill until Larragan and then returns downhill on a comfortable paved pathy until the final point.

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Distance: 6.2 km, Time: 1:45 hrs, Climb: 291 m., Category: Very demanding

Get to know the interior and summit of mount Ermua with this interesting Nordic Walking route. This beautiful route begins next to the information panel.  After walking a few meters through the urban area, the path soon leads us to the Untxueta hills. The ascent continues until the end of Fao where you will take a sharp turn towards the Ermua summit . There you will be able to enjoy extraordinary views of the Cantabrian Sea. The descent, pronounced in the first meters, continues to Faoaurre’s to finish in the of Urezarantza’s neighbourhood.  The last meters of the route are quite flat through the quiet neighbourhood of Artatza.

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