Dastatuarte is a gastronomic-artistic festival that is celebrated in Gorliz at the beginning of July, where everything revolves around gastronomy and art. Activities are carried out for children, adults, families or friends, some of which are paid and others are free.

Origin and program

The idea arose from combining two festivals that already existed in Gorliz, “Humore Gauak” and “Dastatu Gorliz”, and thus creating this festival. During the days of the festival the action takes place in the Spaces and Korners, specific points of the village designated for the activities. In them and usually under a tent, everything is ready so that the fun breaks through dishes and participants learn while enjoying.

In the afternoon and mainly at night, the different spaces of the festival are filled with varied performances and sounds that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Furthermore, every year on these dates artisans of different products and foodtrucks visit Gorliz to offer a wide variety of products and foods.

It has also been thought of those who like to “potear” (drink something in different bars) and during these days there is a pintxos contest where the bars that participate put the pintxo that they have decided to present to the contest at a very low price, affordable for all pockets, on a set schedule. The visitor has the opportunity to try the pintxos and vote for their favourite one to join the raffle of different prizes.

Supportive action

We consider ourselves conscious people with society and that is why in this festival every year a supportive Paella whose profits go to an association without profit is organized.

Activities from previous years

In this section you will find photos and programs from previous years.

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