They are celebrated in the district of Gorliz that receives the same name and, as every big party it starts with the txupinazo (bang) that marks the beginning of a festival with very varied activities. We can enjoy Basque dances or traditional Basque dances and the Popular Cross that are celebrated every year. Its traditional paella contest is also very popular. In the evenings, romerias that put the final brooch to a very intense weekend are celebrated.

Program of the festival Andra Mari

The festival of Andra Mari is held at the beginning of August. People gather to hear and see the sucking and, along with this, inflatables for the children are opened and the street parades through the town start.

During this celebration every year there are new editions of the Popular Cross, the competition of paellas for adults and the contest of tortilla for the children, all of them with a long tradition. Undoubtedly the most remarkable event of this festival is the annual contest of paellas, in which the kuadrillas of friends sign up to cook the delicious paellas and, after the verdict of the jury, eat them in good atmosphere. In addition, in order to liven up the task of the contestants, in the paella contest the music of the trikitixa will be played in the background that will cover all the posts. Visitors from other provinces and locals take advantage of the moment to watch the paellas cook and spend a pleasant time listening to local music.

These days, a dance called aurresku takes place which is usually followed by Basque dances by some group in the area. This dance is used specifically as a reverence and it is accompanied by live music of the Txistu, traditional Basque wind instrument, and tabor. In addition, traditional Basque rural sports exhibitions or championships are held every year.

The nights are also full of excitement with the fire bull and the different concerts and musical performances for young and elder people that take place on the occasion of the festival.

But… ¿What is Trikitixa?

From the context it can be deduced that the Trikitixa is a musical instrument. In reality, this term can be used in different ways although it is more common to use it by referring to the instrument. Trikitixa is a diatonic accordion that has buttons. Although its current name has Basque origin, it is originally from the Alpine area and it became popular in the Basque country in the second half of the 19th century thanks to the fact that French and Italian railway workers made it known.

The use of trikitixa as a musical instrument grew exponentially in the 20th century and today there is practically no Basque folk festival that is celebrated without the music of one of these. This is due to the versatility of the instrument that is suitable both to play a waltz and to play the typically Basque songs so that dancers perform choreographies in which the jumps and leg movements are the axis central. In order to adapt to the musical needs of the different epochs, this instrument evolved to become the one we know today.

One of the references in the music played with trikitixa is Kepa Junkera. This musician has spread this sound all over the world and has made trikitixa now associated with Basque culture.

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