The festival of Santiago (St. James) in Bizkaia is celebrated in several municipalities and in different ways.  This is one is one of Gorliz Festivals, a town of the bay of Biscay , t  and is celebrated in honour of St. James the Apostle and they are around 25 of July. They last between 5 and 6 days. In this festival a perfect mix is achieved between the Basque tradition and the novelty that will enchant those present.

Festival program of Santiago

This festival, the most popular in Gorliz, brings together activities for all tastes and audiences. From traditional Masses in honour of the Saint, songs of the Gorliz choral, traditional Basque dances and craft fairs, with playgrounds for children, playback performances and concerts and night activities. Many people are encouraged to dress as “baserritar” in traditional Basque clothes.

The festival of Santiago begins with the announcement and the classic “txupinazo” (bang), essential in all the parties. It is the sign that many gorliztars (demonym of the inhabitants of Gorliz), holidaymakers and visitors expect throughout the year, because it means that it begins 5 or 6 days of performances and entertainments.

While the little ones feel a predilection to play in the inflatables, and participate in the playback and downhill parties; the older ones enjoy participating in the downhill costumes, the different popular meals and gastronomic contests that are held. An example of the latter is the traditional cod contest.

In this fun-festive atmosphere there is also room for the so-called “kuadrillas”, a term widely used in the Basque Country to refer to groups of friends. And in fact this term makes the word friend short because the “kuadrillas” are not only friends, but it is a group of people with whom you have maintained a friendship, in many cases since youth and constitute a second family. These groups participate in the festivities with joy and desire for fun in group activities.

In addition, as the tastes of young people are also taken into account, the activities are alternated during the day with many others that are performed at night, such as the heifers in the square, the fire bull and the concerts.

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