Visit the Basque coast and discover the charming beach of Gorliz, a coastal paradise that not only delights sun and sea lovers, but also offers an ideal setting for an unforgettable family holiday.

Below, we tell you why this beach is the perfect choice for a beach day with the little ones.

Tranquil and Safe Waters

One of the biggest attractions of Gorliz beach is the tranquility of its waters. Here, children can enjoy the fun at sea in complete safety, thanks to the fact that the waves are usually soft and the depth is not excessive.

Services Adapted to Families

Gorliz offers not only natural beauty, but also a range of services designed for families. From showers and lifeguard services, to parking area a few meters from the beach.

Activities for All

In addition to swimming and playing in the sand, Gorliz offers a variety of activities to entertain the whole family, such as taking a stroll along the picturesque promenade or enjoying a barbecue in the pine forest located next to the beach.

Stunning Natural Environment

Gorliz Beach is framed by stunning natural surroundings, which makes it an even more attractive destination for families. After a day of fun on the beach, you can explore the surroundings and discover steep cliffs, coastal trails and panoramic views that will take your breath away.

Discover Gorliz Beach

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