It was the most important fishing village in the Basque Coast of Biscay and it was created in 1236. This village was surrounded by walls in the 14th century, but only the portal San Joan remains. Bermeo also has a Gothic style church, a very unique old town and the Fisherman’s Museum. It is also famous due for its market where they boast to sell one of the best fish in the area.

What to see in Bermeo

The old town Bermeo is one of the oldest in the Basque Country. However, this village was built in 1236 and it was walled. The arch of San Juan is the one of the entrances to the medieval city that is conserved nowadays because the rest of the wall has disappeared. In the old area there is a strong contrast between fishermen’s houses and wealthy families’ tower-houses. One of these houses is the Ercilla tower, which is now the location of the Fisherman’s Museum.

From the Ercilla’s house is visible the old fishing port from where fishermen’s boats used to go out to sea. Over the old port is located the oldest church in Bermeo: Santa Eufemia’s church. Here was where the Lords of Biscay sworn the “Fueros” and in 1995 it was declared Historical Artistic Monument.

Bermeo has also the first convent of friars of Bizkaia, San Francisco’s one. The cloister has special interest.

Distance: 31km / 38 minutes by car

*Information provided by the tourism office of Bermeo

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