Gernika is the symbol of Basque democracy. In 1937 the Nazi fighter planes, under the member of General Franco’s guidelines, bombed the Gernika as a test for the bombings that were carried out in the Second World War. The tragedy is depicted in “Guernica de Picasso”.

Don’t forget to visit the Peace Museum to learn about our history.

What to see in Gernika

The village Gernika is internationally famous due to Picasso’s famous painting that portrays the bombing that took place in this town on a Monday market. The original painting is not in Gernika but there is a mural in the centre that recreates “The Guernica”. In addition, in the village there are several points of interest to see that they are related to the bombings, as the refuge of the Astra weapons factory, the refuges of Pasealeku and the sculptures and the Peace Museum.

On the other hand, it is in Gernika where the House of Boards and the Tree of Biscay or Gernika is. It is a symbol of the freedoms of the Basque people and the Lehendakaris (head Basque Government) swear an oath in front of it. Regarding de church, it is a Gothic architecture building that is considered one of the most representative Gothic buildings in the Basque Country. Behind this you will find the park “Parque de los Pueblos de Europa”, where you can enjoy the view of various sculptures by Chillida and Moore in the middle of nature.

Last but not least, there is the Market Square. Place that is currently covered and that every Monday is filled with a wide variety of fresh products.

Distance: 35 km / 50 minutes by car

*Information provided by the tourism office of Gernika

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