Children’s Route 15: A peri-urban walk through Gorliz for the whole family or swings route

Children’s Route 15

Route published by Pedro Pablo Uriarte “15 circular routes from Gorliz for families with children”

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Duration : 3 horas 16 min
Distance: 7,49 km
Cumulative elevation gain:  123 m
Difficulty:  Easy

This route, in fact a walk, is nothing more than a round of several peripheral roads of the urban center of Gorliz with the aim of making known some less frequented areas, coinciding in the walk with several swings, which my grandson Pello, four years old, who accompanies me today, has not hesitated to use all of them for a while. Hence the renaming of the route as “of the swings”. As always, we have started this route and started to register it on wikiloc in the Iberre area, but everyone can start it wherever they want and finish it wherever they want. The distance we traveled today my grandson and I do not reach seven and a half kilometers, affordable for everyone.

We started walking and I started recording the route on wikiloc at Iberre Zeharbide. We cross Iberreta square from bottom to top and turn to pass next to the boat at the entrance roundabout in Gorliz. We go down the sidewalk to the height of the Sagastikoetxe polygon to climb up to the big roundabout of the Mungia road and turn as soon as we get to the right through Arenebarrri.

We pass between the walls of several farms and gardens where we see some fruit trees: fig trees, walnut trees, some apple trees and some peach trees. I tell Pello the usual thing, that people have fruit trees on their land so that the fruits ripen, fall off, rot on the ground and nobody picks them up. We have seen it at this time of late summer, that it is time to see ripe fruit on the trees. In the case of figs we see them on the ground in hundreds, plucked. It’s a shame.

We reached Axpe kalea and crossed straight to get through Andra Mari bidea to the homonymous chapel. We are in one of the two religious icons of Gorliz, the other is the Church of the Purísima Concepción, in the town center. It is the hermitage of Andra Mari de Agirre y de las Nieves, patron saint of Gorliz and whose feast day is celebrated on the 5th of August. We take some pictures and go down the same street to turn on Kurtzekada kalea to the right and then go left on Mungia bidea and turn right again a little further down, on Palankete street. Pello is always smart to locate a playground and notices that next to the road there is a children’s area with swings and some other attractions that catch his attention. We have to stop for it to expand a little and after a while we move on.

We are already walking along the mug between Plentzia, located on our left, and Gorliz, on the right. In a way, that’s what I intended. At the end of Palankete Street, below everything we cross a small slope in front to turn a little to the left for Iturgitxi and reach the main street Areatza, which we cross through the zebra pass. We are now in the small park of the port of Plentzia. There is a small playground that Pello is not willing to overlook without “catarlo”, and so he does, a little swing and slide, he is satisfied and we leave. We approach the Ondarreta promenade and after the Kai Eder we continue along the edge of the beach a couple of hundred meters to the PIE (Plentziako Itsas Estazioa). Pello, of necessity, has to walk over the separation wall, going up and down each stage.

We reach the beach of Gorliz and continue along the promenade of the beach until we pass the wooden bridge, and just as we reach the wall of the Hospital of Gorliz next to a fountain, we turn right along a track that goes after a few meters into the pine forest. Again, like a Zahorí looking for water, Pello detects another group of swings in the distance under the pine forest. And of course, again a paradise for him to have some fun for another time. Nothing happens, it’s normal and wants to enjoy, because walking with aitite all the time. . . , well, it’s not very fun.

After a prudent time we returned to the road to cross the Gorliz pine park diagonally, climbing little by little between wooden tables and barbecues to the road to Urezarantza. In the middle of the pine tree he tells me he’s thirsty and a little hungry. Well, don’t talk any more, I tell you, and we sit down at a table to make the obligatory refreshment stop. Pello eats hungry everything I bring him (which I know perfectly well what he likes best) and drinks abundantly. I’m just drinking some water, what time I’ll have later for a good beer.

Once we’ve eaten and drunk, I pick up all the waste, put it in my backpack, and we’re on our way. Soon we reach the aforementioned road of Urezarantza, for which we continue to the right. We walk little by little along the sidewalk until we reach, after a few hundred meters and after a sharp bend, the surroundings of Entrepinos. And here we turn left to go for Arteaga bidea. It is a very nice and quiet road that serves the hamlets of the area. It’s worth going through. We took some pictures next to some flowers and moved on. And suddenly we find two girls and a boy who bring a pony from the bush. Skin is hallucinating. I ask the girls’ permission and take a picture of the group. As we move away Pello looks back non-stop, he still doesn’t believe it.

Soon we reach the end of Arteaga bidea which continues with Oñati bidea and turns the road to the right. We follow it and next to it, in a shed, looks out of a window the head of a young mule. Another interesting moment for me to see a child, who of course at the age of four has never seen a mule or knows what it is. I try to explain as I can and we follow the route. We pass the side of coquettish and well-groomed hamlets, and as soon as we pass one of them, quite large, I see that there is a kind of wide and grassy path to the left and down. We go in for her. It should be noted that I had a vague idea that from this little road there had always been a path that led to Aldai Azpi Street, in front of some semi-detached houses of relatively recent construction.

In fact, the path we’re on is the one I was finding. After going down a little the path becomes more visible and crosses a stream for a little bridge. Immediately we climb some stairs in perfect condition with a wooden handrail, to very near its end pass between fences that close orchards by which stand out vineyards, peach trees, some fig trees and some apple trees that are spoiling their fruits. And now, nothing, we are behind a ramp, on the aforementioned Aldai Azpi Street or ring road of the urban center Gorliz.

Now we go down to the roundabout where the Urezarantza road turns just before the sports center. From there we go up towards the center of Gorliz via Ondargane kalea, but Pello reminds me that above the beach promenade there is a great inflatable park. And that’s where he leads me, letting me be guided like I have no idea where he is. Without delay he gets inside and starts to do pirouettes for some of the attractions. He’s in his sauce and I’m waiting quietly for him to get a little tired. After all, we are already very close to where we left and the end of the walk is near. I don’t have to wait too long, we soon went up by Eloisa Artaza to Itsasbide. Through the square of San Pedro we reach Iberre Zeharbide to close this simple and simple route of playgrounds and some areas little known by the people

A beautiful morning with my grandson Pello, whom I then invite to a must and a packet of chips, with the promise that he will eat well. And he promises me. And he ate very well.

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