Charming places in Gorliz

Due to the microclimate, Gorliz gets the greatest hours of sun of all Biscay, making it an ideal holiday destination.


The Beach

Gorliz’s beach is one of the safest and most beautiful of the Basque coast. It is protected by the Bay of Gorliz, with the form of a seashell. It is an exceptional place to rest while enjoying the landscape and the dunes, and also for practicing all types of aquatic sports, like body boarding, scuba diving and swimming. You can enjoy the coast in a different way, practicing the Coasteering or the experience BIG SUP.


The Pinewood

The Cantabrian Pinewood, which is the second largest recreational area in Biscay, is located next to the beach and is ideal for spending an enjoyable day barbecuing.


Petrified Dunes

In Astondo one can see a phenomenon of high geologic value: the petrified dunes, which are a large group of wind-blown sands dating back 6,000 years. Because they are the only example of this type of dune on the Basque coast, they were declared a “Point of Geological Interest” in 1990 by the Regional Council.



The coast of Gorliz is comprised of irregular cliffs formed by rocks during the early to mid-Cretaceous Period, about 100 million years ago and is an example of the resistance to marine erosion.

Cape of Billao and Billao Island

Gorliz lighthouse is located in Cape Billano, which sits behind Billano Island. The island looks like a sea creature about to emerge from the water. It is at this place that the coast of Gorliz is shown to be defenseless against the fury of the sea.

Cabo e isla Billao de Gorliz


Ruins of Askorriaga fort

The ruins are located on Uztrikotze point and are commonly called “Castillito” by the locals.

The fort was constructed in the 18th century to prevent the possible attack from the English ships located in the Bay of Biscay.

Fortin de Azkorriaga castillito Gorliz


Gorliz Lighthouse

This modern, white lighthouse was constructed in 1990 on a cliff 165 meters above sea level in Billao Cape. The towe is 21 meters tall and is completed by a glass lantern, which makes it the tallest lighthouse on the Cantabrian coast.



Costal battery

Descending the path next to the lighthouse you can see that the entire slope is drilled by an old coastal battery, which was installed in this location in the 1940s and was never used in battle.

The facility consisted os three connected batteries and a rangefinder and a control center in the highest part. From the last platform, one can see the remains of a heavy cannon.


Marine Sanatorium

Gorliz´s hospital is located next to the beach. Originally, this was the Marine Sanatorium, which was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century. It was the first building entirely constructed with reinforced concrete in the country.

In teh gardens you can find a bust of the philantrhorpist Laureano de Jado, while in Astondo, looking at Gorliz´s bay  and at the hospital, you can find the statue of Doctor Areilza, the promoter of the Sanatorium. Both works were created by the sculptor Moisés de Huerta.

Hospital de Gorliz


Church of Saint Mary of the Purest Conception

This church can be found in Elexalde, the urban center of Gorliz. It was founded between the 10th an 11th centuries and completely rebuit in the 18th century by the architect from Elorrio, Martin de Uribeondo.

An archeological site discovered in 2007 showed this to be the first documented example of a late medieval town from the 8th to the 9th centuries in Biscay.

The temple consists of a single nave with five parts and five elaborate altars with a barrel vault and a polygon head. There are two entrances, one on the south side and one under the baroque tower.


Andra Mari de Agirre y de las Nieves Hermitage

This hermitage – sanctuary, is found in the Andra Mari neighborhood. Because it was the first monasterial church for the Ancestral House of Butron it was the head church for the Purest Conception. Until its remodel, the church guarded dozens of votives of sailors thankful for having left the dangerous situations at sea unharmed.

It is a place with beautiful views of th Butron river and Gorliz`s bay.



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