VIIth Flowers and Plants Fair of Gorliz

Spring is already looking for its natural space in Gorliz

Gorliz is slightly starting to perceive the spring with all the senses. Although the winter can still appear in the shape of rainy storm. The progressive rise of the temperatures as well as the shine of nature coming out shyly, highlight the beginning of the new season.

Although bits of rain could be felt at the beginning of the morning, the VIIth Flowers and Plants Fair of Gorliz took place last Sunday in the Church´s Square, next to the Town Hall. Some of “Gorlizko Artisauak” (craftsmen of Gorliz), Gorlizko Artisauak also took part on the event that sets the beginning of the season looking up to the summertime when Gorliz shines with its brightest light.

A variety of locals and visitors came by along the morning to browse around different stands and also to buy plants, flowers and related products. At the end of the event, passed 2 o´clock in the afternoon, together with the raffle made between all the buyers with the gifts donated by the exhibitors, the first sunshine rays appeared through the big gaps left by the clouds. Rays that gave the way to a shiny and a perfect afternoon to have a walk or a drink in a terrace of any on-trade of Gorliz.


Leisure & Engagement

Although the activity of the workshop was prepared for general public, the ones that enjoyed and participated the most, were the kids. The workshop was for free and it was managed by the Association for Environmental Development Bizilore

• Mandala creation with plant & flower Creativity in its pure form.

• Biodiversity Seeding. A little introduction to a seeding practice with recycled and accessible materials.


We could also had the chance to learn and enjoy with the speech of Jakoba Errekondo of Bizi Baratzea about “Landareei buruzko zalantzak argitzen” (“Making Doubts About Plants Clear”) from the Plenary Hall of the City Council of Gorliz. Errekondo, agronomical ingeneer, landscape gardener and expert in organic farming, has several publications of Bizi Baratze and its last edition Landareak Lantzen together with Antton Olariaga.


Several companies and sectorial associations attended the call:

Beatriz Inza

Bizi Baratzea Jakoba Errekondo

Bizilore Bakio

Jose Fernando De La Torre Suso

Koala Gorliz

Loraketa Urduliz

Lorearteko Legazpi

Maitena Macias Gorliz

Ortuberri Iurreta

Vivieros Urtinea Usurbil

– Zurlan Lasarte




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