The full name is Andra Mari de Aguirre y de las Nieves Hermitage. It is located in Gorliz, in Andramari neighbourhood, surrounded by countryside. It is one of the oldest constructions because, although it has been remodelled, the construction is from the eleventh century.

Original hermitage

The Andra Mari hermitage was built in the 11th century as the first monastery church of the Butron Ancestral House. Although its main task was that of church, the surrounding area was also used as a beacon for the ships approaching that area. A large bonfire was lit near the church and, being in a pronounced terrain, it was seen from the sea. Thus they warned the ships that there was land in that area before the lighthouse was built.

Some sailors carried vows to the hermitage to thank the Virgin for having brought them back home safely.

In various writings this hermitage is listed as one of the oldest in Bizkaia. This gave it the status of parish of Gorliz, Plentzia, Gatika and Laukiniz, until these municipalities had their own churches.

Current hermitage

Gorliz hermitage is result of the renovation carried out. Its walls are made of stripped masonry and the nave is finished by a gable roof.

In the vicinity of this building is where the Andramari festivities and the paella contest are currently celebrated environ the 5th of August.

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