In Bizkaia you can find numerous vestiges of the Civil War and one of them is the Iron Belt of Bilbao. With this name are called the tunnels and firing posts built around Bilbao and on the coast of Bizkaia. The Battery of Gorliz Coast has a similar typology although it was built in the decade of the 40’s and it is not part of the “Cinturón de Hierro” ( Iron Belt).

Why was it built?

There are many who ignore the existence of bunkers but the Iron Belt is well known among the inhabitants of the Basque Country. As a symbol of the Franco regime, this set of underground galleries and firing posts were built after the Civil War with slave labour, that is, with the prisoners of the defeated side.

After the European victory of the Allies in World War II, Franco feared that the Allies would overthrow his government by declaring war on him and that is why he built this line of defence. However, the attack never happened.


In Gorliz, this group consists of several concrete firing posts. All of them are located on the hill downwards and, except the one at the top, they are joined by a network of underground galleries that they would be used to move from one post to another while remaining hidden.

Nowadays, only one of the three cannons remains.

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