Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception church is, as well as Andra Mari hermitage, one of the oldest buildings still in use in Gorliz. Both had to be restored at some point in history but in both cases they are a true picture of what they were like in the beginning.

Gorliz Church

It was built in the early 11th century and later rebuilt in the 17th century by the architect D.Martin de Uribeondo. The constructive style is the austere baroque. This church is located in Elexalde neighbourhood of Gorliz.

The building consists of a unique barrel vault nave and a polygonal headboard. The nave is divided into five sections and five churrigueresque altars. On the outside of the church walls you can see buttresses that bear the weight of the stone wall. Below the tower, the exit is composed of four half point arches. There is a smaller one where the door fits. In addition, it has another access.

Archaeological remains

Under the ground of both the church and the part that is now a parking lot next to it, archaeological remains of different types and epochs were found. This fact was documented and further detailed in The Town hall of Gorliz section.

Video guide

Town Council`s square video where the church is located.

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