The festival of Urezarantza is celebrated in August and, as the festivals of Andra Mari and Santiago, it has activities for all tastes and publics. Those who are present measure their skills in the different games, usually related to traditional Basque sports, and in the Sukalki contest, a traditional Basque food.

Urezarantza’s program

It is held near the sports centre and, in fact, the inflatables are usually there. This festival brings out the competitiveness of each one celebrating all kinds of championships that can vary from year to year: Brisca championship, Tute championship, sports championships, etc. But, with no doubt, the most awaited championship is the “Sukalkis” championship, which is more than 40 years old and continues gaining followers.

Games are also held at festivals where attendees can join and traditional Basque rural sports are practiced. You can also listen to the traditional music of the Trikitixa or enjoy the evenings of verbena with some music group.

Sukalki: a traditional Basque dish

The Sukalki is a traditional Basque stew that in origin was to chant the body the cold and humid days of winter, but today it is the main dish in several culinary contests of the Basque Country.

The name comes from the word in Basque “Sukalde” which means kitchen or stove, so the translation would be “made on the stove”.

This dish, very present in the most traditional Basque gastronomy, is usually cooked with tender beef, as the shank, for example, and accompanied with potatoes and different vegetables crushed in the sauce to give it more body and flavour. It is usually served as a unique dish due to its high nutritional content.

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