Gastronomic October in Gorliz is celebrated a weekend a year. It is an event where visitors can get to know and taste local craft beers and also taste pintxos that have mushrooms as their main ingredient.

Activities for this day

This festival, which takes place at the beginning of autumn, along with the beginning of the mushroom season, is mainly due to mushrooms. A collection of mushrooms is made in the area and then an expert mycologist classifies the specimens.

On the other hand, there’s a pintxo contest. During this weekend, some of the local bar owners perform a pintxo with mushrooms that they present to the pintxo contest that is held. In addition, a photography competition is also held with mushrooms and different activities related to them as central theme.

To accompany these tasty pintxos some manufacturers of craft beer that will make known their product and sell it are installed these days in Gorliz. One of these master brewers is from Gorliz and in the Gastronomic October he makes guided tours of the factory for the most curious.

The weather in Gorliz



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