It is always difficult to maintain a good balance between the new and the old, but Gorliz patronal feasts have proved to be a good example of a successful combination of them both.
In fact , Santiago Festival celebrations, the most popular in Gorliz, combine traditional activities such as masses in honour of the Saint, performances by the choir of Gorliz, Basque traditional dances or craft fairs with playgrounds, playback performances and other activities for the younger ones.

The festival begins when a rocket is shot into the sky (known as txupinazo), after the announcement speech is made. That is the sign that many gorliztarras wait all year round, as it opens 5 or 6 days of entertainment and performances for all audiences.

While the little ones love to play in the inflatable castles and take part in many other activities such as the playback competition, older people enjoys while listening to the choir and taking part in popular meals and different culinary competitions.

In this festive leisure environment, “koadrillas” have an important role. That’s how they refer to groups of friends all over Basque Country. But, in fact, this term goes further than the meaning of “friendship”, as it refers to a group of friends that someone has had over their entire life, like a second family. These groups bring their joy and good mood to the festival.
Moreover, as the taste of young people is taken into account, day activities alternate with other evening and night activities such as the fire bull or concerts.

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