It rises at the top of Cape Billano where you can see the cliffs and the vastness of the sea. Despite being a quiet new structure, built in 1990, it is now placed as one of the first icons of Gorliz, almost comparable to the Marine Sanatorium. Its light has helped many boats not to run aground during the night or with difficult weather conditions.


The lighthouse of Gorliz has a rather singular architecture if we compare it with the rest of the lighthouses of the Cantabrian cornice. For starters, it is the lighthouse that reaches the highest point of the entire ledge and, of course, of the coast of Biscay. The body is composed of two concrete elements of about 21 meters high that are attached and whitewashed. The whitewashed is reminiscent of the traditional buildings of the Basque coastal villages, since in the towns of the north generally predominate dark buildings in grey and land tones. The tower is crowned by a glass lantern decorated with metal rods that ends up giving it a vanguard look.

Why is this lighthouse called Gorliz Lighthouse?

Usually the lighthouses are named after the cape where they are located. In this specific case, as there already was another cape Villano in Galicia whose lighthouse is named after it, it was chosen to name the one in Gorliz after the village where it is located.

This has favoured Gorliz as it has made it clearer on the lighthouses map.

Special features

Gorliz can boast of having its own stamp, because in 2007 the Post service got a special stamp where Gorliz Lighthouse appears.

Video guide

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